Adapted Living & Recreation Expo

A FREE, all-day event showcasing a vast array of adapted recreation & sport opportunities, as well as products and services designed for living with SCI/D (spinal cord injury, disease, disorder).

We encourage EVERYONE with SCI/D to be an Expo Participant. Opportunities range from exploring information booths to engaging in fully adapted sports, and everything in between. Trained volunteers happily assist with transfers and provide activity guidance. 


Watch the video to see what the Expo is like and the fun experience that can be enjoyed there.

This event has transitioned into the IowAbility Fair and is co-hosted with the Spina Bifida Association of Iowa. Visit the Fair’s website to learn more.


A FREE round of accessible bowling (adaptive devices provided) for all. Friends and family are encouraged to participate.

Socials (Eat & Greet)

We take the opportunity to have a meal together, do some fun, group activities, and spend time getting to know each other. This is when we’re able to make new friendships, and strengthen others, with people who share the same experiences from having a spinal cord injury or disorder.