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Iowa Chapter – a community of people living with spinal cord injury or disorder, medical professionals, family members, and caregivers.

What we do:

  • Host annual events and programs that promote mobility, networking, and socialization
    • Event examples: bowling outings, living & recreation expos, social dinners
    • Program examples: free equipment rental, peer mentoring
  • Provide members with statewide information, pertinent to people with spinal cord injury or disorder
    • Examples: newsletter, website, Facebook, email
  • Create a community for people impacted by spinal cord injury or disorder
    • Examples: resource center, advocacy & outreach, peer connections, community awareness, partnering with other state organizations


Mission Statement:

Iowa Chapter of United Spinal Association strives to CONNECT individuals impacted by spinal cord injuries or disorders, including families, caregivers, and professionals. Our members EMPOWER each other to ENGAGE in active and healthy lifestyles.


United Spinal Association Iowa Chapter History

A few therapists and a business owner wanted to get former rehab patients together to be able to connect with other individuals living with a similar disability, a spinal cord injury/disease. A letter was sent out inviting these individuals to a restaurant to meet and greet each other. But the business owner and therapists wanted much more than that. They wanted to sponsor activities for these individuals to participate in and have a support group and things more of that nature. More specifically, they wanted to have an adaptive cycling clinic to give these individuals a positive experience and to encourage them to get out and be active in their communities and society. So they went looking and found the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA,, and all of them unanimously decided to start a statewide chapter in Iowa. This was only logical since all of them help individuals with spinal cord injuries/diseases.

Since then, the summer of 2005, the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Iowa or United Spinal Association Iowa Chapter as it’s now known as has expanded to 8 active board members (and 2 inactive board members)

Some accomplishments of SCIA of Iowa:

  • mail out SCILife of Iowa, a quarterly newsletter, to over 250 people each quarter
  • have had 4 successful Annual Adapted Cycling Clinics:
    • 2nd featured an Adapted kayaking Clinc
    • 3rd included Adapted Kayaking and Sports & Recreation Expo
    • 4th also included all the above plus a Quad Rugby demonstration game and a giveaway of an Evolv Easystand machine.
    • Added a Quad Rugby demonstration game and a give away of an Evolv EasyStand machine
  • had a movie night featuring ‘Murderball’ and pizza of course
  • had 3 dinner outings, meeting and socializing at a restaurant
  • held an informational meeting about different programs available to individuals with spinal cord injuries, including some guest speakers from a couple of the programs.
  • have had 3 annual bowling events
  • held a ‘Roll Model’ event featuring successful individuals living with SCI sharing their personal stories
  • held 2 Eastern Iowa Adapted Cycling Clinic and Sports & Recreation Expo at Kirkwood Community College in May of 2008, April 2009
  • hosted an Employment Benefits meeting, to learn about Work Incentive programs
  • advertised on the internet: through NSCIA State and National Resources; an email account; a Yahoo! Group account; a page on Facebook; and a website


Board of Directors


Angie Hulsebus – President

Tim Ascherl – Treasurer

Audrey DeCarlo

Jeff Kallem

Jenn Wolff

Joyce Ellens

Katie Johnson

Kimbra Korte

Kory Nystrom

Mary Schmidt

Shelley Jaspering