Adaptive Recreation Showcase

Adaptive Recreation Showcase

Sunday, April 28, 2–4 PM

This new event will give YOU the opportunity to SEE, TRY, & RENT a variety of adaptive recreation equipment. With plenty of paved, accessible space, extensive bike trails, accessible fishing dock and kayak launch, Ada Hayden Park is the perfect location to try things out. If you have your own adaptive recreation equipment, please bring it with you and join the fun!
If you need help transferring into a handcycle or kayak, please bring someone with you. We can not provide tranfer assistance. 

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Ada Hayden Heritage Park
5205 Grand
Ames, IA 50010

Adaptive Equipment Available

  • Top-end, Invocare handcycle, lay back, 7 speed, with 24″ wheels

  • Top-end, Invocare handcycle, upright, 7 speed, with 20″ wheels

  • 2 — Top-end, Invocare handcycles, upright, 7 speed, with 24″ wheels

  • 2 — Top-end, Invocare handcycles, lay back, 27 speed, with 24″ wheels

  • Cycling helmets provided
  • One-person kayak, with outriggers

  • Two-person kayak, with outriggers

  • Kayaking accessories provided (paddles, adult-sized life jackets, youth-sized life jackets, & transfer bench)
  • Bowling ball pusher

  • Retractable handle grip bowling balls (6 lb. & 8 lb. options)
  • Roll-under pinball machine
Disc Golf
  • 2 sets of 4 disc golf, with bags
Ladder Ball
  • Portable ladder ball set
  • Portable 6ft roll-under pool/billiards table, with full set of balls, 2 adult-sized cue sticks, 1 youth-sized cue stick, chalk, and felt brush
  • Retractable cue bridge
  • Double-ended inflatable rink, with pump, attachments, and carrying case

  • Double-ended rink mat, with carrying case

  • 8 curling stones, with carrying case

  • Pusher sticks
  • Adapted golf cart, with swivel seat

  • Adapted golf clubs
Blow Darts
  • Blow guns, darts & accessories 
  • Electric underspin spincast reel & fishing rod, with 8 lb-test line, carrying case, and small tackle box that includes assorted lures, hooks, and bobbers
  • Spincast reel & fishing rod, with 10 lb-test line, carrying case, and small tackle box that includes assorted lures, hooks, and bobbers
  • Right & left Active Hands, Strong Arm fishing aids
Gripping Aids
  • 3 pairs of Active Hands general purpose aids
      • small, right & left
      • standard, right & left
      • large, right & left
  • Universal cuff