Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring — Pathway to Empowerment

What is the Peer Mentor Program?

Our Peer Mentor Program exists to foster connections among people in the community living with a spinal cord injury/disorder. After medical care and therapies, there can be a gap into the unknown for individuals who are re-entering the community. A peer mentor is someone who can bridge that gap. They have successfully adjusted to living with a spinal cord injury/disorder and can provide insight into what life may look like in the community and share stories of their life experience to offer a glimpse into living with a disability.


Connection with peers looks different for everyone. Peers are matched based on geography, similar age, experiences, interests, and stated needs. Support is provided for individuals living with a spinal cord injury/disorder and also for their caregivers and families. Peer mentors are people who have completed all required peer mentor training for this program and volunteer as a support system to others with a spinal cord injury/disorder, family members or caregivers. Peer mentors can live in state or out of state and can connect with peers in a variety of ways. 

How Peers Connect

  • Group activities 
  • One-on-one meetings at home, hospital, or in the community
  • Through phone calls, FaceTime, Zoom, email, or social media 

Connection Through the Peer Mentor Program Can Provide:

  • Tips and tricks for activities of daily living
  • Emotional support
  • Companionship and friendship
  • Social connection
  • Opportunities to learn new recreational activities
  • Connection to local resources and groups

Get Involved

Who Can Become A Peer?

  • Individuals living with spinal cord injury/disorder
  • Families or caregivers of individuals living with spinal cord injury/disorder 

Who Can Become A Peer Mentor?

  • Individuals at least 1-year post-injury
  • Family members of individuals at least 1-year post-injury
  • Caregivers of individuals at least 1-year post-injury 

How to Get Started

Contact our Peer Mentoring Coordinator to learn more about becoming a peer mentor or connecting with a peer mentor in your area.